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In a strategic move to redefine packaging elegance, Tabbara collaborated with MOON LINES to design an exclusive package for their hard candy line. This initiative marks a significant milestone in Tabbara's journey towards integrating aesthetics with functionality. The result of this partnership is a packaging masterpiece that not only showcases Tabbara's hard candies in a captivating light but also echoes the brand's ethos of innovation and quality. MOON LINES, with its cutting-edge design approaches, has encapsulated the essence of Tabbara's candies, creating a visual and tactile experience that resonates with consumers. The packaging, a blend of modern design and practicality, ensures that each piece of candy is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. This collaboration is a testament to Tabbara's continuous efforts to enhance consumer engagement through thoughtful and creative packaging solutions.

Strawberry fresh drops
Menthol fresh drops
Cherry fresh drops
Spearmint fresh drops